Hula is an independent juice bar and cafe serving fresh produce, the best smoothies and juices in the city, Artisan Roast coffee by trained baristas, breakfast and all-day lunch in a friendly space with eclectic music and free WIFI.

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Fancy doing a juice detox/cleanse but don’t know where to start?A juice detox/cleanse is a period of time when you give your body a break from solid, heavy foods and instead, flood it with pure, nutritional juice, which is absorbed easily and leaves the body nourished and fully hydrated.Juicing removes the fibre from the fruit/veg making it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients into the bloodstream. This makes it an ideal ‘cleanser’, which is why you’ll often hear a juice detox being referred to as a juice cleanse.The benefits of a juice cleanse to the body are numerous, here are a few that we have observed:Your skin becomes clearer; it makes you feel energised, refreshed and ‘clean’; it makes you completely aware of what you are eating, what you are putting into your body; many people feel it helps them feel balanced, relaxed (the green juice is key to this) and renewed.The Hula Juice Cleanse packages:Our nutritional 3 or 5 day juice cleanses include six delicious juices plus one special hot juice – unique to the Hula Juice Cleanse – and a range of detox and fresh teas depending on which level you choose.

This is more juice per day than any of the top 6 providers as we believe in feasting the body, not fasting it. We aim to eliminate hunger and allow the body to relax and be cleansed.Each Hula Juice Cleanse comes with guidance upfront. Drinks can be tailored to individual’s needs, price on application.The new packages are below. We are accepting bookings and all the details you need to get started are here:

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Level 1: Hula Initiate – a gentle, introduction to juice cleansingThis cleanse is designed as an intro to the benefits of juicing. We’ll be preparing some of our favourite fruit and vegetables over the duration including seasonal varieties, facilitating a slow transition to a mostly veg/green alkaline diet by the final day. 21 different flavour combinations and herbal teas too.6 x 500ml juices each day.1 x 250ml warm juice (unique to the Hula cleanse)1 x herbal tea.Pre and post cleanse advice and tips included.Example recipes in Hula Initiate: Celery, cucumber, apple, , chia seeds, ginger | Carrot, orange, apple, mango | Lemon, ginger, apple, parsley, organic wheatgrass | Pineapple, parsley, ginger, applePrices for Hula Initiate3 day £1655 day £265Delivery per day: £5 local city centre / £7+ outwith local city centre area*Pick up from the juice bar: free!2015 dates: (3 and 5 day available)Next cleanse May 11-13 2015. We typically work around our customer’s requirements and set dates when we have a group interested. Get in touch to discuss your date options.Places limited, and strictly on a first come first served basis, with the cleanse confirmed on payment of invoice.

Level 2: Hula Tranquility – a super green cleanseThis is our signature cleanse, designed over many months of cleansing and research to date. Our complex recipes are designed to ensure that the body is nourished, tackling hunger and stamina within a balanced and varied cleanse of mainly vegetable and green-based juices. As every single juice is different over the course (35 individual recipes in 5 days) we believe this makes the Hula super green cleanse unique in its field.6 x 500ml juices each day.1 x 250ml warm juice (unique to the Hula cleanse)1 x herbal tea.Fresh tea ingredients.


Pre and post cleanse advice and tips included.

Example recipes in Hula Tranquility: Cucumber, kale, chia seed, celery, spinach, organic barley powder, green coconut water | Beetroot, red pepper, celery, acai berry, carrot, ginger, lemon, lime | Parsley, lemon, lime, ginger, romaine, organic wheatgrass | Carrot, parsnip, ginger.

Prices for Hula Tranquility 3 day £1855 day £285Delivery per day: £5 local city centre / £7+ outwith local city centre area*Pick up free!2015 dates: (3 and 5 day available)Next cleanse May 2015. We typically do one cleanse per month and work around our customer’s requirements.

Get in touch to discuss your dateoptions.Get in touch to bookPlease email using the address to the right of the page providing your full address and the level of cleanse and dates you are interested in. Please note, bookings are confirmed on payment of invoice.Juicing has become an extremely popular lifestyle choice…A quick google of the words ‘juice cleanse’ will tell you how popular this has become. But juicing equipment is costly and can be difficult to maintain and clean. In addition, some of the more popular juice cleanse packages, while excellent, have become very expensive and not all of them deliver fresh made juice each day of the programme.We can take the hassle out of your juice detox/cleanse by juicing for you, each morning of your detox.We include high nutrient superfoods like wheatgrass, maca, acai and spirulina and we deliver in the most eco-friendly way we can – by bicycle!Some feedback from the very first customersAlistair, 7 day cleanse: “They’re all amazing. And I’ve managed to work a normal day without feeling any ups or downs. So thank you ver

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103-105 West Bow
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
0131 220 1121
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