Walk Edinburgh Tours


Walk Edinburgh are a walking tour company concentrating primarily on the Old Town area of the city centre in Edinburgh.

We have a passion for the city’s rich history and traditions and we don’t mind admitting that even with our years of experience as tour guides serving Scotland’s tourism market we still come across new nuggets of information and hidden gems on a regular basis.

In a city absolutely spoilt for choice in terms of stunning architecture, famous residents past and present, invention, innovation, ancient history (both good and bad!), iconic structures – not least the famous centrepiece castle – and such world-renowned institutions as the Edinburgh Festival & Fringe, Military Tattoo and the highly photogenic Princes Street and Gardens it was our view that we would leave the “Ghost Tours” to competitors already established in that area and concentrate on the historically researched facts.

Our Guide will provide you with historical and fascinating information that other tours dont, We look forward to touring the city with you…

“After years of reasearching the Grassmarket, Greyfriars & the Old Town myself I was stunned by the knowledge our guide Ian had, I just wanted to ask more questions, fascinating.” Gary Macdonald  – Candlemaker Row.

Iain Kennedy and Jackie Cunningham


Edinburgh Old Town – Historical Walking Tour

(90 minutes Approx)

Travel back in time to the Edinburgh of mediaeval days and learn how people lived, worked and died in the narrow streets of the walled city.  The history of Edinburgh Castle and how the city developed around it.

Hear about the many famous people who were born in the city, came here to study or settled locally as they went on to make their mark on the world:  Sean Connery, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Darwin, Sir Walter Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, King James VI, J.K.Rowling…..the list seems endless!

Visit the graves of the many victims of religious persecution, plague and rebellious violence as well as those of many key figures in Edinburgh’s rich history.  See how illness and disease thrived in the cramped, unhealthy living conditions from the Middle Ages through to the Industrial Revolution. Discover the consequences for those who opposed the monarchy or the power of the church.

Learn the background stories to battles lost and won, monarchs crowned and the harsh culture of torture and punishment for those who broke the law; the prominence and historical importance of the castle and it’s role in times of peace; the cruel treatment of prisoners and the fear of witchcraft.

royal mile Edinburgh history tour

Edinburgh:  Square Mile of Murder

                                                                          (90 minutes approx.)

Join your Guide for a tour of the streets of Old Edinburgh in the 18th and 19th centuries when murder lurked in the dark or dimly-lit passageways of the city’s narrow closes and wynds.

Tour the sites of execution and retribution and the locations where the foul deeds were committed.

Hear the facts of the crimes as they were reported and recorded at the time.

Discover how punishment was frequently more barbaric than the original crime!

Murders in the 20th century – The last days of hanging.


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